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Are you tired of unfulfilling sexual experiences ?

Perhaps your sex life has fallen aside entirely ?

Lady Vee - Priestess of The Bewitchful Body

You want to experience more pleasure than you ever imagined possible…


You desire to express MORE of your own sexuality WITHOUT the pressure to “perform” …


You crave physical touch …


You want to feel more relaxed and content in yourself …


You want to explore the many pleasures available to you in the realms of Tantra and Control/Surrender …


You are ready for real connection and intimacy.


If this describes you, then Hello ! I’m Priestess Vanessa (yes that picture is me!), and I would consider it my honour to be your guide in the exploration of your own sexuality. I do not offer cheap thrills or “fancy wristies” .. if you’re looking for that, move along. I want to know YOU.


I offer transformational bodywork and deep integration to help you create the fully expressed, erotic, life of your dreams. With energetic guidance and my hands I will take you on a journey to discovering who you really are. If you feel you are ready for this sort of work, deep tantric exploration and cultivating new states of bliss within your body, then contact me and we will determine if you are a good fit for my services.


My work is conducted in a safe, respectful, and sacred environment where ALL of you is welcome. Together, let us create the erotic life you crave….


Let’s chat !  Contact me now.


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