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So.. my first EVER booking as an Escort !


The following is by request of the client – I’m serious ! He gave me permission to blog about the experience 🙂

(Originally published October 9th approx 7-8pm)

One week ago around this time I was having quite the time of my life.

One week ago today (on Sunday 2 October 2011) … I did something that an ex boyfriend back in my early 20s said I would be good at doing – being a sex worker, prostitute, whore, working lady, lady of the night or whatever the hell you want to call me (just call me to book me hahahahaha).


I’m not kidding. He looked at my full astrological profile. Said that I would be well suited to it and ever since it’s stuck with me. I’ve always been curious.  I did come close a few times throughout my stripper career (which lasted just under a decade) however it wasn’t until I left the industry for a few years that I have come back to do it.

Just like stripping, it just seems to be the right time for me to do it.  Whilst I’m very new and fresh to the sex industry (even tho’ I was already a part of it as a XXX private party showgirl/stripper as well as my stint as a webcam girl)…  it will be interesting to see where this journey leads just like my previous journey in adult entertainment.


Back to my first booking. ever.

It wasn’t the best start, I was running late.  Ergh.  Let’s just say I was never a fan of driving around Brisbane of a night when I did private parties and I’m still not a fan now.  Damn one way streets.  None the less, after going thru the wrong entrance… I finally made it to the door.  Nervous yet not as nervous as I thought I would be as I approached it as me just having some naughty fun with another adult.

One of the conditions this client wanted was that I was to wear something with nothing underneath. Yes, I was commando!   I wore my favourite “back in the day” dress.  It’s a purple number that is VERY easily slipped on and off, sexy in its own way whilst also being long so it doesn’t look slutty or attention grabbing.

Was wearing flip-flops/thongs so as to make myself look even less like I was a sex worker – discretion is always key IMO.

So anyway, I arrived. What a nice apartment!  Great setting for my first time ever.  He had jazz (hmm.. LOVE jazz!) playing. All the lights were off or dimmed with candles in various places.

Since I did say to the client I would be able to get nude in less than 5 seconds… after a fun little “pat down” (proof that I was nude under the dress)… I showed him my trick.

It took probably 3 seconds. Off slipped my dress.  I’m naked!! LOL! Lucky I’m used to it and (to be honest) I’m a naturalist at heart.  If the Gold Coast had an official clothing optional beach I would be there and become a beach bum 🙂

Naturally, after I got naked so did he.  Yes, the light was hard to see to check him out as such… yet we did speak about having a bath before-hand so I figured that would be the time to do it.

He handed me a glass of red. I obliged. Nice red!  Tho’ I had to watch how much I drank as one of my biggest rules I always had for myself throughout my stripper career was to try to work as close to sober as possible if not actually sober.  If I couldn’t handle working sober, then I should quit (which is what happened and my main reason for leaving the industry).

After some chit chat, we went to have the bath.  Nice bath!  Fitted us both easily 🙂  Well, any bath fits ME easily hahaha!  I say this because the client was tall (over 6 foot whatever that is in metric).  Remember I’m a petite pocket rocket 5 foot.  I came up to his “nipples” as such standing flat footed (lol – yes we did the obligatory “measure” against him at the start).

Time for some water time fun !  Yup, fun is what we had too!  YAY!! 🙂   Never had such a fun bath !  I’ve had some shower time fun before… yet bath-time fun… not so much unfortunately.

Oh.. and it did last awhile … yes I was going a little wrinkly after awhile however that was the last thing on my mind in the end. I was enjoying myself and so was he (or I think I was safe enough to assume that by the “reaction” lol).

So.. yes he was all clear/clean literally.  Shaved completely down there.  I was also minimal down there too because of a lesbian type of encounter I had with someone not too long ago before that night (happened at a party)…  oh.. and yes that lesbian type of encounter was another first.

(Let’s just say it was something that I had been wanting for a loooong time and needed to “do” …. I’m not a slut – just that the Universe presented me with an opportunity… I took it. I’m not silly… anyway back to the story sorry we got sidetracked!) 

The funniest thing (for me anyway) happened when we reached the bedroom…  the client brought out to use the exact same brand of condoms and lube that I had brought with me!  Thus my actual condom package as well as lube have YET to be broken 🙂

Anyway, after a little bit of play the real fun began !!

After I had abstained for a period (a couple of years), I “came” back with a vengeance LOL !

Yes, I had abstained from sex for probably two or so years…the only sex I had in that time was with myself and in my really vivid sex dreams. I’ve my reasons for abstaining and none of them religious. This isn’t the first time I had abstained from sex either… last time I abstained (for around 2 years) I broke my abstinence with a Fireman … and then let’s just say for many years afterwards I enjoyed sex as much as I could (I had three guys at one point I was seeing casually “just for sex”).  This is the reason why I knew I would be okay with this work as I had already separated “love” and “lust” … and I knew myself well enough in that I knew once I broke my abstinence I wanted to do so in a way that would be fun & adventurous. 

Whilst he had wanted the forbidden fruit (anal), I have to admit it wasn’t going to happen. I wasn’t feeling it …  whilst I am all inclusive and try to keep to my word – I always make sure everyone is aware that NO means NO … I always have the last word.

Unfortunately, with age comes experience but also longer recovery times (for the client not so much for me)…. thus whilst he was recovering I happened to notice the time ….. I had to leave (I promise I wasn’t watching the clock – I only noticed it for the first time at this point… and it had been over two hours! wow!).

I mention on the front page of my website the main reason why I’m not a full time or even part time “girl” … and it was for this reason I had to be “done” (on my way home) by a certain time to ensure I got home at a certain time so I could get enough sleep to not have it affect my “civilian” work/life.

So.. whilst I am no longer a “virgin” whore – there is one aspect of my service I’ve yet to “pop the cherry” …..

My next conquest is to do my first incall…  this was my first outcall now my next incall.

After this, eventually, someone will pop my “forbidden fruit” cherry as a working lady.

Oh.. by the way.. if you’re looking for explicit details as to what “really” happened…  did I allow DATY, CIM etc ?

Are you good at keeping secrets ?

Yes ?

So am I !


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