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Now serving… number… 3…. 4…. 5 ??

This one will be a quickie as such 🙂

Booking number 3 – My first Gold Coast outcall !  It was with a lucky guy who got to have me give him a sensual time in South Gold Coast.   Whilst “fun” really wasn’t on the menu because he actually didn’t want that pressure it was a nice option to have there if he wanted it no pressure.  As I have stated on my website, my prices are all inclusive  … so whatever you would like to happen in the hour … I’ll do my best to help make happen.   Actually, to be honest, this booking went over time by about an hour.  No kidding !

This is the reason why I prefer to keep myself exclusive 🙂  If I’m having fun, and I can spare the time I will usually be generous and stay awhile… why not ?  No complaints from anyone here.


Booking number 4 – My first regular … remember booking number 2 ?  He returned !  YAY!  Kudos to me 😀  This was a fun incall. There was a countdown happening on MAX (tv channel) which we (or me) got absorbed with… and I danced around like a crazy woman… must’ve been a sight to behold! Hey, I was having fun and he was having fun that I was having fun (or I hope so??!)

We still had plenty of time for the real fun and once again.. thank you for the orgasms.


Booking number 5 –  Well… it was going to happen until it didn’t.  I was ready to go unfortunately the client cancelled even after he paid a deposit (which he kindly let me keep because it paid for the now lost room I had booked)… so…..  try try again….  this time my REAL booking number 5…. it was another incall however I was able to borrow a room within someone’s home for it.

Another first – my first rimming !

Here’s the thing. I had never done it before…..  I had been rimmed heaps of times and LOOOOOOVE it (I really do enjoy greek fun). Yet when it comes to doing it to someone else… anyone else…  nope.

The closest I had come to doing it to someone was way back in my early 20s when I was dating someone in his early 30s. Unfortunately, back then, I was a bit on the vanilla/conservative side in regards to sex because my experiences had not been that numerous and other reasons.  My “slut phase” happened quite late for me… in my late 20s.  It’s only after this “slut phase” (which I will never regret because it really allowed me to explore sexuality and help me realise a few truths), that I am now open to exploring more… and seeing where my boundaries are….

And …

I need more experience… and would love to try it on a woman !


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