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Watch my website to watch me …

That pretty much sums it up.

The website is up and running and functional for now.  Yes, in time it will morph and change and develop along with me !  That’s the beauty of all of this… and one of the most exciting parts in my opinion.

Yes I could have better photos and will share with you “better” photos from back in my modelling “hey day” (when I was 25 thru 28 years old)…  and there some really hot killer shots amongst them too.   Can’t wait to share those..

Also, why all the “censoring” of my awesome lovely nipples ?  Well… let’s just say all the photos on this website aren’t censored. It’s up to you to try to find the gems.  That’s a bit of my cheeky nature coming out hahaha !

Have I broken my whore-hymen yet ?  Unfortunately, no.  That’s not to say I’m not speaking with people.

At the same time discretion is of paramount importance to me (as it most likely is for those who want to have some fun with me)… so I may not reveal all publicly or if I do I may have to change a few items to keep things private between “my friends” and myself.

xox Vanessa P.

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