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Discretion – Exclusivity …. and why ? | Diary of a Gold Coast Escort

Long time… no chat ?  Yeah, my main business (and no I’m not going to reveal to anyone here what it is and do not even try to ask me in person either) is keeping me busy and happy.   In the end, I afforded my rego 😉  and I’ve still got my mechanic “buddy” 😉 LOL!  Thus I’m “good” in that department too.

Because I am super exclusive due to only being available “every so often” as well as needing discretion (thus I can assure YOU discretion)…  just wanted to give everyone the heads up that from now through to the new year (2013) I am only going to publish any availability via my mailing list and/or twitter.

Generally speaking tho’, I’m on hiatus from “now” (late November) through to the new year unless I specify otherwise on my mailing list.  Or I have decided to change my plans to accommodate you when you email me.  Talking about email – because I am generally on hiatus until mid-January 2013 … email is the best way to get in touch with me.  I’m going to only be checking my phone and responding to inquiries on it very sporadically (or when I have organised to do so).


Last… “why”… why am I an escort ?  I think I’ve said this before but I’ll say it again:  When you support my little naughty other income (escorting) you are supporting someone who has ambition.  You are supporting someone who is going to re-invest the money into her main business to ensure its (and her own) success as a business woman.

You get to share in the secret to my success if you ever see me on the TV or newspaper (hehehehe).

Oh… and without escorting I pretty much don’t have any sort of sex life as I abstain UNLESS I’m booked or “paying” 😉 my mechanic (hehehe).  Thus when I am available I am very eager to please and be pleased 🙂

Thus if I do not see anyone before the new year:

Festive Season Blessings and New Year Greetings from me to you !

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