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I am ALIVE and getting laid .. woohoo! :)


As I mentioned within my What To Do Next section on my website I can sometimes forgo the “rules” I’ve applied and will at my own discretion accept bookings.  I did this past week 🙂  Two of them !

The first booking happened a day sooner because (lucky him) I had a cancellation happen with my public work/business that allowed me to move his booking a day forward.   Lucky me too 🙂  I got laid sooner!

The problem with accepting one booking I have found is that it is not enough as it kinda “awakens” my sexual appetite especially when I have not been laid in nearly over a month.

Thus another lucky guy who just so happened to inquire at the right time became booking number two on the next evening.

Will I be accepting any other bookings ?  Maybe. Next week.

Just be very aware that both of these guys were lucky in that I was keeping my “whore” phone near-by in the hope of scoring a booking or two BEFORE I sent an email out to the mailing list (I wanted to see what were my chances).

My usual modus of operati is to publish dates I’m available on my mailing list THEN accept bookings.  Unfortunately, this time around, I didn’t do that however it is my usual way of operating (so do subscribe!!)

Now you want the inside scoop don’t you ??

All I will say is that I’m very satisfied.

The special moment was that guy number two — I was his first whore!  So… in a strange way…  he popped my “I was someone’s first whore!” cherry. 🙂  As I said in a previous post, there are still a lot of “firsts” I am yet to experience with this line of work so that is what is going to keep it interesting for me.

Another cherry that will be interesting is if I get any virgins. I’ll be their first “whore” and “first” ever ! 🙂  That would be a honour as I do remember my first like it was yesterday.


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