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I iz baaack ! Well… for one night at least…

Oops… it’s gotten a bit dusty around here.. hang on let me just …  argh. forget it. I’m NOT the domestic type… 🙂 hahahaha

Tho’ I did do a French Maid type of photo shoot waaaaaaaaay back in my stripper days.  Loved that outfit. Unfortunately, I’ve no idea where the photos and the outfit have ended up.

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Back to the blog topic on hand…  I’ve been on hiatus again.  It happens especially considering I kinda regard “this” as a “sometimes” thing.  To be really honest, if you’re not on my exclusive mailing list you’ll probably hardly ever really find out when I’m available.

If you are wondering if I’m just using the word “exclusive” as a marketing ploy – I’m not. Due to how unavailable I usually am because I’m pursuing other passions and enjoying life… when I am available I usually ask my one regular first.  If he’s not able to help me have some fun … then I go to my mailing list…  and only after a day or two (I’m a bit impatient) … I may FINALLY login to my Facebook profile to announce something on there.

Oh.. and yes.. I’m STILL not having sex unless money is involved so every time I am available. I’m “ready to pop” as I said my regular last night 🙂 LOL !

I masturbate however I don’t use sex toys or any penetration when I masturbate… I generally masturbate using my clit (I’ve had some good “sessions” that way just using my hands or friction and my clit!)…. so when we’re having our fun… you can be guaranteed I am NOT faking it.  I don’t see the point when this could be my only opportunity to be penetrated (since I’ve never done it to myself).

Yup, I brushed off the cobwebs and indulged in some fun with my regular last night.

What’s funny is that we were in the same room as last time !

Of course I’m going to go with him as a choice because I do have fun. He’s a gentleman. He’s clean. He knows the deal thus makes my life easy so I can concentrate on having fun and enjoying it all.

Some “girls” may not like regulars because they get bored with them … me ?  I’ve always been the type that preferred regulars.  Now that I’m doing what I’m doing … and when I do it I’m usually very limited for availability … I need a “sure thing” versus an unknown possible timewaster.

What was the point of this blog post ?  To basically say I’m still around.  I have yet to break double digits.   I’m also starting to think… should I only count the first time with my regular as “one” or count each time as “one” … because the last three times (if I’m correct) has been with him.

Ooops. Yes, nearly forgot about the time-waster.  My first dinner and date booking which was a complete waste of energy/time.

I may or may not be available again soon… guess you’ll only know when I post to my mailing list huh ?

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