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Well, what better place to advertise than my own site ?

Whilst I already have a home, I’m not in the type of situation where I do live where I feel comfortable using my actual home for my secret second income.

Due to not having a readily available furnished room to use for work purposes my availability for incall is very limited.

The other limitation is that the place I do use for incall is a hotel room thus not available for me to use between 10am through 2pm weekdays (or any day) unless I pay for two nights which is out of the question for me.

Thus do you know someone whom is willing to come to a mutually beneficial arrangement that is financial or otherwise 😉 for a furnished, classy room that has its own ensuite, towels and so forth here on the Gold Coast ?  Preferred location is central Gold Coast.

The person whom is willing to come to this mutually beneficial arrangement must also understand my need for discretion 😉

If you know of anyone please have them send me an email ( vee AT goldcoastgirl DOT info ) 🙂

Until I can find a regularly available room I’m only available for some fun times at your place until further notice…


As always, if you join my mailing list you’ll receive special emails from me outlining my availability as well as services/prices.

*emails are published in a discrete manner and released sporadically. You will NOT be spammed nor your email address sold or revealed to other parties.

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