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The week that was …… and my first NOONER !

Just a quick FYI to everyone – next week (first week of October) I’m unsure if I will be available as I’m waiting on a confirmation from someone in regards to something important that will affect my availability for that week within the next 1-3 days.

None the less, as I’m doing these blogs for my own pleasure so as I have somewhere recorded about my little adventures in whore-dom … let’s have a review of the week that has been (yes it’s only Thursday however I’m not accepting anything more this week).


Unlike most people, I was looking forward to Monday as it meant another encounter with my older gentleman.  Was it as good as last time ? Yes. It was actually better because (as he observed) I was less nervous thus more comfortable… and was ready to have some fun ! 🙂

If you are ever hosting me and want to give me something to drink you can’t go wrong with a good Rose or Corona with lime (never lemon, never lime substitutes as it must be REAL lime) or Vodka (anything with Vodka in it).   For this outcall booking, I enjoyed a little too much (oops!!) glass (or two) of Rose wine.

This is also the lovely gentleman whom has the delicious avocados – naturally I took the biggest one out of the pile.  These avos are DELISH!! 🙂

For this encounter, we enjoyed each other … nothing more.   For me, because I was more comfortable (and yes I had been “awakened” after my whore weekend thus my appetite was still wet) ….  it was more enjoyable and easier for me to enjoy myself.

I proud myself on the fact that I tell it like it is… I do not fake.  For me, I experience pleasure in a lot of different ways and thus am satisfied in a myriad of ways 😉


Tuesday was also planned to be an exciting day with the possibility of meeting someone whom could be a potential Sugar Daddy (see previous blogs for my Sugar Baby profile)…. unfortunately it wasn’t meant to happen.   I’m hoping we might be able to re-connect next week for our little non committal ‘chat’.   I personally like to meet face to face first for a non committal ‘chat’ with anyone whom wants to be my Sugar Daddy or Mummy (or a couple whom want to be my Sugar Couple) to see if we are compatible. Then do a proper (trial) date before really committing.


Wednesday …  MY FIRST NOONER !!!

It was originally meant to be a “lunch date” type of booking however due to life being unpredictable it was an outcall at around 1.30pm  thus I will happily call this as my first “NOONER” 🙂

What happened ?  As per the gentleman’s request I wore a short skirt with no knickers.  The no knickers part is easy as that’s how I operate everyday (prefer none – it’s also good for my vaginal health to not wear knickers).   Easy access – hell yes 🙂  After we shared a Corona with lime 🙂 we had our fun….. three different times.

I left on a sex high in peak hour traffic – hahaha!  Seriously – if we all got laid before peak hour I would think there would be less road rage (I know I wasn’t too bothered LOL!!!).



You’re probably thinking there are not a lot of “cherries” for me to pop anymore ….  you would be wrong. There are still a few – I’ve yet to have my first lunch date or dinner date booking… or my first overnighter booking…  or my first booking where someone can afford to fly me to them interstate or elsewhere in QLD…  or my first female … or my first couple… or my first morning booking… or my first……    as you an see still plenty of me to experience 🙂

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