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When this Escort has a Married Man as a client…. | Escort Gold Coast

How do sex workers feel about seeing married men or men who are in committed in relationships as clients when their partner does not know? Do you feel guilty, need to rationalise it to yourself? Not something you think about?


Well, I can only comment for myself naturally.

If we count all the clients I saw as a stripper not just now as a sex worker – there are plenty !! I even ‘saved’ one marriage according to the guy after a long booking in a strip club (helped him “feel sexy” again supposedly) … thus… sex is sex. love is love. you can have sex without love yet you can’t have love without sex (it’s the natural expression of wanting to really be close with your partner imo). 

Yet for a long long time I also believe monogamy is unnatural generally speaking.  (Yes if I’m ever “involved” which I will never be whilst I’m a “working girl” – I would have an open relationship.)

Basically, I couldn’t care less if you, the client, are married and whether or not you’re partaking of my pleasure with or without your wife knowing…. as long as you treat me respectfully, are fun, keep good hygiene and have the $$ we are “good to go” 😀 :-*


In other news, I’m still on hiatus (December) through to the new year unless I specify otherwise on my mailing list.

Festive Season Blessings and New Year Greetings from me to you !

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