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Blowed-Paid-Yay !

So…  I had a day where I wasn’t doing a lot (it’s unusual as I usually like to keep myself busy even if it doesn’t seem like I am) …  put an advert up on Locanto … had my phone on… and off I went.

Luckily I put it on the night before so I started the day of with an interesting booking with Mr Deforestation.

Why deforestation ?  It is an autocorrect fail for “defo” hahaha  he had a lot of autocorrect fails in his txt messages.

After many messages he confessed he had been in a relationship for 7 years and never done “this” before (hiring a sex worker)…  that should have told me to be careful but I generally am pretty good at ‘reading’ messages…  I could tell he was genuinely nervous … and he wasn’t lying.

The next day proved myself right.  I rocked up… to the house next door !  He had given me the right address just the wrong number.  He kinda freaked out.  Froze.  I’ll give him this – he offered to give me my cancellation fee without me mentioning it (it’s $50 if you’re wondering).  Told him to come to my car to give it to me.  After a few messages I agreed to meet him down the road to get the money from him.

I think it was after he saw that I am .. well.. me 🙂  that he calmed down.

We went thru with the booking 🙂 and as I told him … his body spoken a million times louder than his mouth ever would … he told me he was shy and isn’t assertive with what he likes…  I told him I was good at reading men due to the body language being more louder than any words will ever be…

So… satisfied… “blown paid yay!”

I went to run an errand…  and eventually got another “hit” !

The day wasn’t over for interesting scenarios…

This guy had been trying to get a tradie to turn up to fix his skylight for weeks.

Guess which day he turned up ?

Guess what time too !

Yup. All the fun happened in the lounge 🙂

“blown paid yay!”



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