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Couples + 2014


Well.. 2013 is coming to a close… another year gone… and I’m very grateful for everyone who has come through my life due to this work !

My last booking for 2013…. a wonderful orgasmic sensual erotic couple booking !!

Yes MFF… with me being the other F in the MFF.

The couple were a little nervous in meeting me – I am always nervous in meeting a couple !  Especially the female… what turns each of us on (females) is unique to each female.  We’re very orgasmic creatures … and I am always a little nervous because I want to ensure the other lady is having such a great time !  I’m a real giver when it comes to females.

I loved how I finished 2013 on this high note. I really needed some GIRL LOVIN’ before the year finished to balance out all the awesome masculine love I have experienced this year.

What I loved about this couple booking (besides it being very sensual and giving the lady orgasms !) was this lady had never had a lap dance … let alone a “couples” lap dance before…. and I was very glad to be her first 🙂  I always loved doing couples lap dances.


So what does 2014 hold in store for me ?   See below image ! 😀   I would love to get thru all of the below…

Or … someone could surprise me and send me a blown up version of this image so I can pin it up in my bedroom ? 😀

Sex Positions

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