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God is good (NOT religious!!) | Outcall Etiquette | Availability ?

I’ve three separate ‘topics’ to write about within this blog (since I blog very sporadically!!)

Let’s start with the first one which I promise is NOT religious !!

God is good !

I say this because I looked up the meaning of the name of this client and it means “God is Good!”. ¬†It certainly was for the both of us except I do feel bad (yes – some hookers have a heart!) about a part of it.

I sent out an alert via sms to a few people on my phone (if you don’t want to receive them tell me and I won’t send – I’m kinda proactive in my marketing)… that I had one slot left for this year. ¬†Take it or try me again next year (in 2014). ¬†I had two people inquire. ¬†The first guy was T .. the second guy didn’t eventuate.

T booked because he had a new place and wanted to “christen” it ūüėõ ¬†Fair enough… I don’t mind !! ¬†It would be my pleasure…. ¬†Thus I arrived… and unfortunately unbeknownst to me my “buddy” had started the clock on me at 6pm … next time I will make sure I make enough time for the ‘fussing around’ (I usually do !!) … anyway… ¬†long story short… ¬†it was a very expensive kinda non sexual (but still sexual) booking…

Hey… he still christened the place however unfortunately not the way he possibly was hoping… and me too… my “buddy” does get a bit harassing after a certain time (she’s only looking out for me which is fair enough)… ¬†anyway… I wish he had booked for longer as I was hoping myself to do a LOT more in that time.

Regardless, we DID have a LOT of laughs. ¬†I always love a good fun booking regardless of what does and doesn’t happen. ¬†I was able to show off my skillz… ¬†do a bit of dress up (in one of my favourite costumes by the way …. “School Girl”)… and did I mention fun ?

Unfortunately that was my last guaranteed available booking this year…

Outcall Etiquette

This is being posted with thanks to another working girl having a gripe about how she travelled to an outcall only for the guy to cancel.

As I predominately ONLY do outcalls, this is ALWAYS a worry with me… ¬†thankfully no one has done this with me as yet (yay! thank you!!)… ¬†please be aware that it is common courtesy if you book a lady for an outcall AND SHE SHOWS UP … and you really do not want to partake of her services (she isn’t what she seems in real life compared to the photos etc or whatever reason)…. ¬† GIVE HER A CANCELLATION FEE OF AT LEAST $100 !

Not $5o… $100 ! ¬† Why ? ¬†It will firstly prevent you from being labelled an ugly mug (and those who think Ugly Mug lists don’t exist are kidding themselves … it’s been part of the industry forever)… ¬†secondly, this will give her money for fuel as well as some “time compensation” money.

It costs US time to prepare ourselves, pack our ‘bag’ and travel to you. ¬†I personally do NOT enjoy driving … and thus if you cancel on me whilst I’m on the way to you or once I have arrived… I will be demanding that fee.

Repeat after me:   If I book a sex worker for outcall and find that I want to cancel after she has arrived I will give her $100.

If you cannot afford $100 cancellation fee. DO NOT BOOK AN OUTCALL HOOKER … Go to a brothel or find a lady offering incall … they usually can “handle” cancellations easier than when we have to go to you.


Yup, as per the first topic… my availability is pretty much “shot” (useless) between now (late September) thru to early January (maybe after 5th) 2014.¬†

Here is the thing… No way in hell am I available in October… November is iffy too… and December even more so… yet….

IF I find that I have miraculously some available time … you REALLY need to join my mailing list… that is the ONLY way you’re going to find out when I am available… ¬† ¬†giving my phone a call or sms … the answer between now and early January will most likely be NOT AVAILABLE…


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