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Gplus (I’m NOT speaking about Google!!)

Okay so this blog post is a little delayed 🙁  My bad !  Someone spank me please ?  (hehehehe)

G plus is a client who’s first name is G and the “plus” is .. well.. because I honestly thought we had a really great time (well I did!)…

The only details I’ll go into is that I kinda now understand why guys will book “last minute” and dislike my need for 2-3 days notice before I can accept a booking.   Poor G had a raging hard on (well okay not all the time but the time between making the booking and the actual booking meant there was “build up” hahahaha)…  and naturally our first time was rather short lived … before we really had our fun 😉

I suggested to G that he book 2 hours of my time up-front instead of one hour.  Why ?  It’s easy.  I do this because I like to not have “time pressure” on me and so far this has been the same for a lot of the guys I’ve seen too…  we want to be able to have a bit of chit chat before-hand… a relaxing drink… and then have some fun… and then have enough time left over for more fun if we so deem.

Am I a clock watcher ?  No however I do have a “friend” who will sms me or try to call me at a certain point for outcall bookings for my own safety.  I usually have a different ringtone associated with this person’s sms or phone number … it can sound like an alarm because I want to pay attention to it (of course).  My “friend” does know I can be generous with my time if I’m having a good time due to the fact that I do not accept more than one booking per day (and most likely be able to be generous afterwards with the time).

Anyway, I broke a couple of “firsts” for GPlus…  He usually books a hotel elsewhere however this time I suggested a (sex worker) friendly hotel in Surfers Paradise.  The other was that he does only usually book one hour… he liked my “two hours” … no rush for him or me.   He also learnt how generous I can be 😉  and yes that I am NOT lying… I am into certain extras in the back end 😉 thus happily include them no extra charge.

Oh.. he learnt I wasn’t lying in that I abstain so am really hot/horny/ready … just as much as he was hahahahha!!

At the end of the booking, he broke my virginity in regards to a certain really luxurious buffet here on the Gold Coast at QT hotel.  I had NEVER been to it and he was generous enough to take me there … woohoo!  Sex and a feed … I’m always hungry after a good session so this was perfect.  It was IMO the perfect way to end the booking which .. by that time.. had LONG past the 2 hour mark !! 😀   Thank you GPlus for taking me to the buffet at QT.. it was as delicious as I had been told it would be… and I loved the set up!  Most buffets are not that inventive… I love how they called it an interactive market place 🙂 hahaha




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