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Kegels !


So… this last week was kinda a repeat of the week before… but a bit better ! πŸ˜€

I was able to show Hot Toddy a little trick I like to do …. no it isn’t the butt trick that I can do (alternate my butt cheek muscles) hehehee

Nope.. this one you kinda have to … feel … it πŸ˜›

And I can only do it in cowgirl whilst still.

Granted I also do this little trick for a little selfish reasons… Β the more blood I pump in the area, the more sensitive I am and the easier I orgasm πŸ˜€

Unlike last time Hot Toddy got together… we were so electric that we attracted a storm last time… this time… hehehehehehe

I guess only Hot Toddy and myself will know !

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