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Lap-tastic Review :) FMF Couple QLD

Woohoo 🙂 I got my first (I can publish with permission) review ! LOL!!   Thank you “Laptastic Couple” 😀

START QUOTE 20 April 2013

Something you may want to add to your blogg..

Vee, thankyou for your time.
Your emphasis should be “fun !! Naughty and/or Nice”
We experienced the Nice… Very Nice.. Let me explain..
It was our first time FFM for us both
We didn’t know what to expect..
You took the time to speak with my wife and work us out (coz the wife and I had already discussed it in length)
The first time was scary as hell !! Didn’t know really what to expect..
We (the wife and I) discussed it after.. ( Ohh to be a fly on the wall.. Lol)
We had to go back a second time to fully experience our first time… I have to admit .. On an emotional level.. The first time was excruciating.. The second.. Even more so.. However our first time now feels complete 🙂
The break helped us sort ourselves out and get over the initial jitters..
The result.. (For both the wife and I ) – Complete
The wife and I discussed that this would be our first and most likely last experience with FFM.. (Hence the difficulty in going back the second time) however it was still like our first time without so many unknowns.
It takes time and commitment.
As first timers..
Going for round two – experience complete and fulfilling ..
Experiencing this with my wife and completing it still married.. Priceless!! (For which we have you to thank)
You were never were and still aren’t a threat to either of us. I put that down to ALL of us communicating. Especially my wife and you.
Thanks for giving us the extra time to get to know US.
P.S. Now I get to suffer the wife doing a lap dance for me once a week.. Guess I will just have to get used to it 😉 (no complaints from me hehehe)
Signed.. Laptastic couple



The first experience was an outcall to a hotel room in Brisbane 🙂 the second was to their private residence.  As you can see – I’m very couple friendly!

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