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Learning my boundaries, growing and knowing myself better :)

Wow.  That’s the best word to describe everything that has happened to me personally over the last few weeks 🙂   It’s been a huge journey of self discovery for me personally.

There was the booking I had prior to leaving for Griffith…..  I learnt that if someone wants a party girl to look elsewhere.  I also will try to avoid “party” bookings at all possible from this point onwards. I really thought “what’s the harm? I’ll be okay with it!”  (What’s a “party” booking ?  A booking where the client(s) are under the influence of something.)   Having a drink or three is one thing (that’s perfectly fine)… yet it’s when the party is being enhanced by other stimulants (and there are plenty of legal ones btw) that I have to unfortunately say “no” to the booking…   if I can avoid it.   It’s only because I won’t partake of anything other than a drink or two (alcoholic) when working for my own safety and well-being.

Thus whilst I’m a lot of fun – just be aware that I’m not a party girl.  I will have a drink or three within reason  (anything vodka based, a Corona with a lime wedge or Rose wine) however ultimately water is my preferred beverage of choice.  I will certainly not partake of any other stimulants (legal or not)… even a red bull !  I’m not kidding.  This is my personal choice and I do ask everyone to respect it … there are plenty of other girls “out there” who are party girls.  They’ll happily service you.

The other big reason I won’t knowingly do a “party” booking I discovered in hindsight is that I feel disconnected from the experience !  One part of this work that I really enjoy (and I’ve learnt I really do enjoy) is the connections I form with each client…

For those who have been my client (and for those who want to be)… you’ll notice I don’t really use names within bookings.   This is one of the reasons why I do not actively say your name (and I’m not offended or fussed if you don’t use mine either)… because I’m about the connection.   Names can be a distraction… and not mentioning our names whilst within the booking… for me personally… enhances the experience as more intimate 🙂   That’s just me.   We are just two beings in the room sharing a great experience (hopefully!!)… and so names don’t matter 🙂

(unless you really really really want me to use your name say so but it’s my little thing… I don’t mean to come over as rude … I just want it to be about the experience, the connection…)

When I went on my little tour to Griffith NSW recently I didn’t really go for the money.  The money helped and I did return with a nice profit as I’m smart on how to keep expenses low and profit high hahahaha 😉 😀 yet  honestly it was the only place IMO I would be able to test my limits in a safe environment.

It was the first time I took multiple bookings in a day !  🙂  Thus I have since learned my personal threshold if I did do multiple bookings is 2-3 per day. Yet to be honest, I liked my one per day I was doing prior to my Griffith trip so I’ll most likely stick to one per day (even tho’ I know I can now do 2-3 per day).

It was the first time I would be ever exposed to a brothel like environment where it is all about getting you in, getting you off and out the door.  It was about the quantity not so much quality IMO. It’s more about sucking and fucking… and not the “girlfriend experience”.   Another thing I realised whilst doing it all was how much of myself I gave to each client… I really would try give a lot … from the lap dance… to the conversation… to the playtime… to ending even (the shower at the end, etc)… I would do my best to give the best experience I could give.    No way can you do that when you’re clock watching and need to get ’em in, get ’em off and get ’em out.  It exhausted me.  I couldn’t sustain it for a whole week.

That’s the next thing I learnt – if I ever do a tour again I’ll go hard and go home.  I’ll do 4-5 day tours working full time for 3 of the 4-5 days.  In other words, for one or two days each tour I’d possibly only do one booking each day (if I do any bookings at all those days).  Then for two or three other days of the tour I will do 3-4 bookings that day if I can have at least a good hour or so break ….

At the same time, I do watch the clock…. do not take my generosity for granted as I may have other commitments.  For instance, one client booked me whilst I was in Griffith for my last time slot for half hour.  What’s wrong with this ?  It was obvious what he was trying to do – be my last booking for the night so that I would be more generous with my time at the end since I won’t have any other bookings after him.

If you want me to have you as my one and only booking for the day – book for 2 hours or longer.  That’s all you have to do 🙂 

Anyone who books for an hour or less cannot expect me to be generous when you are being cheap.  At the same time, whilst saying that… I have been known to be generous with my time for one hour bookings…  yet that is always UP TO ME and NEVER to be assumed.

All in all I did have a great trip to Griffith NSW.  I learnt a lot about myself personally.  I expanded my sexual boundaries a bit.  I learnt more about my own preferences sexually.  I now know what to do if I were to do another tour.  I also learnt that I will never possibly ever be able to “make it” as a brothel girl – I just don’t have the mental capacity for it.  I can’t just suck and fuck …  yes I’m a whore however I now realise that I prefer to not just suck and fuck.

I am about the experience.  This is where I work best – those people who are looking for “the girlfriend experience” more than just “suck and fuck”.

If you want a suck and fuck – go to a brothel as that is what they’re about IMO.  That’s the function that they fulfil.  They ARE about the mechanics of sex and are cheaper than I will ever be for half hour.

( Just a quick disclaimer: My comments about Griffith are not meant in any mean spirited way. This is my experience and I understand each person’s experience will be different.  Your mileage may vary.  To each their own. Lets agree to disagree.  The set up in Griffith will work for some girls really well however for me it didn’t in the end.  I am thankful and grateful to Holly at Silver Service Escorts and ALL the clients who visited me !   I will forever be grateful.  Especially to the boy who’s virginity I gladly stole and will keep for the rest of my life 🙂  Give me more virgins !!)


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