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Making Hay Whilst The Sun Shines!!!

That’s pretty much sums up as to what has been happening the last few weeks with me 🙂

I’ve up’d the quota of bookings I usually accept in a whole month !   This week alone I’m doing three in total.  Yet here’s the thing … it’s also my GREEN WEEK.  What does this mean ?  I have an app (yes a mobile app) that charts my Aunt Irma’s visits.  I’m a female this is part of being female so I am mentioning it.  I’ve been charting my when my Aunt Irma visits for over a year now so I have plenty of data for the app to use.

So in this app it distinguishes when I’m at my most fertile and thus when I’m at my most horny (and boy do I get horny!) as GREEN.  I’m not kidding. I’m very ruled by my hormones and during this green week if I am not “getting some” … I tend to sometimes be sitting in my car… and will look at any man standing anywhere… and just go “don’t care about you – fuck me now ! need your cock now !!” in my head.  Basically, I’m a cat on heat and need to get laid.  😀

Thus here we are with me making hay whilst the sun shines during my green week ! 😀  It’s been good… no complaints from me.

Wednesday I saw one of my clients whom I have a Sugar Daddy type of arrangement.  He pays less for 3 hours of my time in return for giving me a really great full body massage and food. I do enjoy good food and don’t cook so any pre-made meals are a blessing otherwise I tend to .. well.. eat poorly.   Today (Friday) I saw J.   J was marvellous in that he PRE BOOKED A MONTH IN ADVANCE 😀  YAY!!!!!!    Was the encounter great ?  Well, yes.  He seemed to have fun. Left with a smile on his face. Now on Sunday… I have another booking.  This one I took a “punt” on … he inquired via Escorts & Babes (pretty much the only place I advertise) if I was available “tonight” on a previous night… I decided to reply to see ‘by chance’ if he would be interested in booking on Sunday instead ?  He replied back yes.  I will be having a sex-tastic Sunday !

Have I done other bookings ?  Yes, I did an incall last week as I managed to secure a private residence to it within.  Naturally, I’m more available for outcall than incall just for the fact I don’t have a fixed “work” (for this work – not my main work) place.

In other news, I just wanted to share with everyone that all this money ?  It’s not going to fund a lavish lifestyle.  Far from it.  When you spend money with me you’re funding my business.  Not this sexy adventurous secret one.  My main business. Thus you are doing a great community service by spending money with me.  You keep local business going 🙂 and enable me to pursue a few charitable interests too.  Yes, this whore has a heart.  This whore is in it for the money and the adventure.

This whore may not be around forever either because if I manage to get my main business to a certain point. I pretty much will be doing this very rarely. I don’t think I could give it up entirely as I’m still having fun … yet I will cut back to maybe only working one week each month.  I won’t “need” the money if I reach that point in my main biz I’m hoping to reach.

Oh.. and you guessed right if you guessed that the one week per month I’d work is my green week hahahahahaha

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