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My first couple, first lap dance, and more adventures !

Yes, I’ve ramped up my adventures recently and have been slack in blogging about them !  Bad whore… someone want to spank me 😉  LOL!

This little blog post will cover two weeks worth of adventures…   it might sound like a lot however overall (in the scheme of things) it isn’t.   Remember, this little whore doesn’t have sex unless she’s paid these days (or there is some sort of barter or Sugar Daddy arrangement in place).  Also, just because someone books doesn’t mean the booking will actually happen.

Take the first week of April as an example.  In that week originally I had three bookings lined up.  One after the other – Wednesday, Thursday, Friday.

(side note: when I say “one after the other” it means a different day as I very rarely do multiple bookings on the same day! I’m a “one a day” type of girl.)

In the end, Wednesday was the only one that happened.  No fault of my own – nothing I did.  I have a saying – “I do not cancel, other people cancel on me.”  It’s true.  If you book in, I won’t double book on your time/date “just in case” one of the bookings cancel.   No, I’m going to extend a bit of trust that you won’t cancel on me because hopefully you’ve gotten to know me well enough via my website to see that … well…  if you do cancel, to extend me the courtesy to do so well in advance if possible.

The other two cancellations was due to a client’s business trip dates being moved and the other cancellation was a Sugar Daddy who is now quite ill.

Onto something a bit more positive: WEDNESDAY !!!

My first professional booking from a couple ! WOOT!!   I’ve been proposition previously to do couples so it isn’t like this is the first ever offer however a few of them were NOT legit bookings.   One even had the gaul to book me as a surprise for his wife.. wtf ?  No thank you.   I’ve also had threesome (male, female, female aka MFF) experience prior to this couple…  both via my stripper background and when I went thru my “slut phase” in my late 20s.

I have learnt what works.

I won’t go into too many details here however let’s suffice to say that because of this booking I’ve started promoting my lap dance talent/skill a little more than previously.   After we had drinks first, I went into a lap dance lesson.  This definitely helps break any ice between all three of us. I did a proper lap dance on her (the wife) first.  The husband sat back with a smile on his face watching (as we had discussed previously that the session would be more focused on the wife than husband).  Then I had the husband as the (happy) “victim” …   I first taught her a few basic moves… and I also taught her a few tricks on how to do a lap dance where you strip the guy too whilst she is stripping (because hey… the ultimate reason for the lap dance is sex !).   Thus the husband who was our (happy) “victim” got a girl girl lap dance !   😀

Of course naturally things became hot/steamy and all kinds of X rated fun after 🙂   Yes there was plenty of girl girl action…  it was really great fun. I do genuinely like girls AND guys.  Thus I got some girl lovin’ so I’m a happy hooker in that respect 🙂


Unfortunately, because I had only had sex once in the month of March and this was the first bit of sex I had in a fortnight…  it left me hungry.

Roll on this week !


This was the first 100% free day I had for awhile. Usually my days are partially free … I will take bookings however usually have to “move things around in my schedule” to allow for it to happen.   I wanted to take advantage of it …  unfortunately no one was forthcoming with any in advance bookings … so I decided to do what I call “sexy spamming” on Locanto.    This is where I sent a short (sexy) email to any guys who posted on Locanto looking for sex basically.   Yes, I received some very hostile replies …  and a funny one 🙂 which I shared with a few friends.

I was also doing this “sexy spamming” of Locanto for a lark … to give it a go to see what will happen.  I was also testing the waters for one of my newest (and cheapest) offerings…   due to QLD laws I cannot mention exactly what this new (cheap for me) offer is however you can always ask !

In the end, only one guy took me up on the offer… and I’m glad he did because it was the first time I had done a short booking (30 mins) and a very basic booking.  Due to it, it reassured me that I indeed do know what the hell I’m doing in the lap dancing department.  Even tho’ it had been over 5 years since I left the adult entertainment industry…. I “still had it” as such.  Very much so…

Yet it wasn’t totally satisfying for me (besides the quick cash injection and the fact I had some fun!!) ….  as I left frustrated because no sex was had.

Remember… my last booking was with the couple “last week” … so it had been a little while… and I was left on a sexual high after that booking hungry for more …   so whilst I conquered a few other firsts (yay!)…  I really really needed (and wanted) to be fucked damnit !!!!

I was to get my wish on WEDNESDAY !  🙂

“Happy Hump Day” to me… both weeks !  hahahahahaha

Due to Tuesday, and me posting prolifically on my twitter account, I managed to secure a booking for Wednesday.

With a guy who I can now call a regular because it was our second booking !   It was the “hot sweaty sex guy with dreadlocks” client !!!!  YAY!!

As is understandable, incall is more do-able for him so he had to “borrow” someone’s place (hahaha)…  so I drove to Logan area to get me some lovin’ 🙂   Was I disappointed ?  No!   It was hot sweaty sex again 🙂

Was my hunger satisfied ?

No. Made it worse. I am NOT kidding.

If you saw my twitter, I posted about a dream I had …  I doubt I would’ve had that dream if I wasn’t a little hungry.

So … my week was improving …. yet I was busy with life on Thursday … and couldn’t wait for my Friday booking 🙂


Monsieur made another booking.  What actually happened is that on Tuesday I sent him a short sms….

(Just FYI, as I value discretion and do not do this work full time… I may be a little silent between sms messages… and will reply when I can so if you need someone who will sms you back/forth a lot .. you’ll need to find another girl… I’m NOT that girl… I may send one or two sms to you if you give me permission yet otherwise… I will give you space as this is what I would like/need too.)

…. and unbeknown to me he had booked another girl for Friday because he assumed (wrongly lol) that I don’t travel to Brisbane.   Whilst it is true I do prefer to stay on the Gold Coast for many reasons … if you book at least 1hr for outcall I’m happy to travel !  Monsieur always has longer bookings (this is his second booking with me so … once again.. I will class him as a regular) so Brisbane is very do-able.

Anyway, naturally as he had learnt I was available … back earlier in the week… he cancelled the other girl and booked me instead.   If you are going to cancel, believe me, every girl would prefer you to gave us plenty of notice than either just be a no show or cancel the day before or the morning of the booking.

So.. now I got to experience the Sofitel in Brisbane 🙂 … another first broken!    He was there because his beloved Cowboys (NRL) team was staying there.  We also broke another first for us … as client as hooker…  he actually had not had sex with me because … well… he couldn’t last time.

Did we make up for it this time ?  Yes, and hell yes!!!!

I was ravaged six ways to Sunday (is that the saying?)…. every whole was used well… and everyone left satisfied…

Yes he wanted to take me out to dinner afterwards (and I would’ve totally done it too because I’m always hungry after sex)… however I was parked in parking that had signs that mentioned it would close at a certain time thus had to move my car.

As fate would have it …  this made his whole day EVEN BETTER….  not only did he have a great X rated rockin’ rollin time with me (hehehe)… when we entered the lift…  ONE of the players from his Cowboys team was in the lift.   Then as we left the lift, we walked past another player.  He got to shake the hand of the other player.

For someone like me sports players aren’t celebrities.  They’re just another male.  I don’t really elevate them to celebrity status. Then again, I don’t really have “a team” to follow and be obsessed about as such 😉  I enjoy a good game… I’ve been to plenty of AFL games in my youth.. and have seen plenty of State of Origins due to my “titty waitressing” days…  so I can “get into it” … yet I just don’t have a “team” persay.

So anyway… whilst Monsieur was disappointed I couldn’t stay…  it was the perfect time for me to leave too !! 🙂

Funny little thing tho’….   the hand the Monsieur used to shake the footy player’s hand… um… had been inside of me !  😉 hehehehehhe

No he had not washed his hands after our session so I have a little giggle at the thought of “me” being on the hand of one of the footy players hahaha


So now we’re up2dated ….  🙂

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