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Havin’ fun in the city…

I booked the hotel room in the Brisbane CBD… and awaited the arrival of the couple.

As with most of my bookings, I charge on time mostly not necessarily what happens within that time thus the reason I prefer longer bookings for couples and will refuse shorter bookings (for couples).

I’m in this to have some fun being the unicorn 🙂

As it wasn’t viable for me to go to them, I suggested the middle ground of meeting at a hotel room in the city.   As a bonus, I gave them the hotel room.

Yes, serious.

They paid for my services, I booked the hotel room, we had our fun and I then left to go home leaving them the hotel room for the night.

I’m happy to offer this type of service to other couples so as you can enjoy a naughty night.

My hotel of choice is close to the train station thus making it accessible to almost everyone.

It started out as “teach me how to lap dance” type of private one-on-couple session (and as a birthday surprise for her husband) his wife and myself ended with a three-some … I’m MORE than happy with that too hahahaha

He totally didn’t have a clue what we were up to hahaha 😀 😀  as he thought it was going to be a  total cock tease with me instructing his wife how to “be more stripper” as such…  oooh yeah… “lovin’ it” 😀


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