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Hmm…. The 1 Thing You Can Do To Make Me Gag !

Besides the fact that I actually do have a gag reflex (tried everything – it’s staying)… so when I try to do any sort of deep throating… I gag.. hahahahahaha

Here’s the OTHER 1 Thing you can do to make me gag (click the image for a larger version)

Screen Shot 2014-05-27 at 7.48.39 am


click here for a larger version of the image

The above is the one thing you can do to make me gag.  Guess what it is…  ?

If you guessed mentioning you’re a mature gentleman … you need to read my blogs… age isn’t of concern to me.

If you guessed it was “gets more than his share of compliments on his ability to use his tongue” …  you’re full of awesome-sauce !  You win !

Win what ?  Win the fact that you know what to exactly to NEVER EVER say to me (and most sex workers by the way) when in communication with them (and me).

Why ?  If you have to boast about your “oral skillz” to me you can be sure I am going to run the other direction because it has been my personal experience that guys who boast about their “supreme oral skillz” are usually the worst at it.   It’s obvious why they’re the worst:  it’s all about them. It’s not about the woman at all.

Women aren’t stupid. He’s probably been complimented because we’re not wanting to hurt his poor little ego.

It’s also because we don’t want someone who has the potential to wreck our lives in some capacity because we’re the most vulnerable when a guy is between our legs (unless the woman has ‘strong thigh muscles’ as such hahaha)…

It’s not just the fact that men who boast about their oral skillz are terribly bad … it’s the fact that these same men from my personal experience usually do everything a certain specific way and do not ever factor in that every woman is different.  It’s basic female anatomy 101 – read up about the clitorious.   “Our dick is bigger than your dick” usually !!!  The other reason why each woman is different is mentally what ‘turns us on’ is different..

Then there is the fact that some women (not me but some)  have absolutely no idea what works for them so they go with it and don’t complain … because complaining can be seen as bad/taboo … y’know… hurting male egos and all that jazz 🙂 hahahaha


Anyway, let’s just say that I personally am not that big on oral.  I’ve had so much done on me that I know what I specifically want and unless you’re willing to REALLY listen and PUT YOUR EGO ASIDE … to realise that what works for me works only for me …. that what works for the next woman is what works for her…  then… and only then…  will you be able to say “I’m an oral master” 🙂

Also, don’t boast about it.  Let it be a surprise. Let it be a very pleasant unexpected surprise.  It’s a bigger turn on when a man is humble than when a man is full of ego and beating his chest. 


Oh… and why did I get this email ?  I mentioned in a tweet about my experience using a male escort which I have also mentioned here on my blog.

Here’s another thing: Never ever ever EVER “give me a one time offer” as I will quite happily NOT accept it.  Instead you’ll receive a reply like this guy did where I will point you to my rates, explain that fantasy bookings are indulged at a certain rate and when would he like to make a booking ?

I don’t do free sex.  Free sex bores the bejeesus out of me.  I love it when it is truly mutually beneficial (not just within the bedroom).  Let ME make the offer.  I really find it an instant turn off and boring if you’re making the offer.

In which case, stalk my twitter. Subscribe to my mailing list.

Wait for me to offer. Then and only then reply and make sure you “check your ego at the door” 😉




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