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How To Book An Escort – A General Guide of What To Do and What NOT To Do

This post will be updated as it is an on-going issue with a lot of escorts.  This is no definitive list and it doesn’t take into account individual escorts’ wants when you book her however this list is a mixture of my own “do” and “do nots” as well as those listed by other escorts.

The biggest one:  NEVER ASK FOR DISCOUNTS !  If you only have $50 to spend, find an escort that offers $50 service – never EVER try to ask us to offer a $100 service for $50.  Quickest way to get abused by a sex worker.  There is usually an escort for every type of budget and every type of punter so please do not harass those who are obviously not affordable to you (at your current time).

Contributed by Krissy Smith – BBW Escort:

1. Alot of us either dont answer private numbers or if we do ask you to call back on a number that isnt private to arrange a booking… this is for a variety of reasons… our own security, make sure you arent a time waster, and possibly, or at least in my experience, alot who call on private numbers dont show up when they book.

2. Unless we specifically ask you to, dont send us naked or cock photos. It is unappreciated, im sure most of us would prefer to see you naked or your cock when we are actually in a booking together…

3. Read our ad/website properly before calling, because it can avoid – disappointment in terms of what service we do and dont provide , if our price is in your budget range or not, where we are located for incalls or where we travel for outcalls and sometimes we ask for a specific amount of notice for whatever reason

Here are some of my personal DOs and DO NOTs:


* Contact me by sms AND email – some days I may not have credit on my phone thus email is best and other days I may not have access to email so sms is best. (Note: Full Time Escorts will have credit on their phones. I’m not a Full Time Escort. I’m “whenever I’m available”.)

* Use full words if possible

* Sense of humour on sms messages (or emails) a plus

* BOOK AHEAD !! Rarely (and even more so now) will I do last minute … always minimum 24hrs.. better if I get 48hrs

* Be shaved … yes I’m talking about your penis and balls. Helps with me being able to give you a great blow job

* Wash your penis and balls with soap – thoroughly !  Do not just “splash some water down there” and think that’s enough.  The smell of stale semen makes me gag.  Just like you like us to smell nice – please do the same. 

* Do give me some feedback/direction – whilst I can read your body like a book (non verbals) … it’s always great to know what you like… or want without me having to guess it…

* Abuse my generous nature (in regards to time) … if I choose to go over that is my choice and never assume that is the standard. 

* ASK FOR NATURAL ANYTHING !!!!!  (I’ve stated various times on this website it’s illegal to ask for this service in QLD.)

* Send cock shots. Way to make my vagina shrivel. 

* Book with no intention of ever going thru with it – I personally have absolutely no time for time wasters. 

* Call on a blocked number.

* Call – I only do sms. 

* Keep hounding me via sms – wait until I reply and give me time to reply to your reply as I am not at your beck and call


Unfortunately due to QLD laws I cannot link to outside of my website thus if you google “beforeyoucome” on you should find a very informative website.

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