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#Skypesux …… & how to make a booking (latest update)

As I currently do not have any credit on my “whore phone” (email is best way to contact me at this point in time), I’ve been using my Skype account to send any sms (and since I don’t have a lot of credit on it either – I’m keeping this minimal).   I was becoming frustrated as out of the hundreds of sms messages I’ve sent via Skype (for this work as well as other reasons to even phone numbers in Thailand and Dubai!) …. this was the very first time I was having any messages rejected.

One of my twitter followers and myself were only just guessing…. thus if ANYONE can solve the riddle of why the messages were rejected when others have not been… please… contact me… I’d love to know.

Right now, our best guess is the recipient’s phone battery is/was dead or the phone is/was turned off.   Yet that had alarm bells ringing for me because I was sending this around 9am for a booking that was to happen in 2-3 hours time…  thankfully all is well ! 🙂  He was legit.  

I’m also posting because…

I’m looking for assistance in solving the riddle:  Why did the messages get rejected ?  


The second half of this post is to keep everyone updated on how to make a booking with me:

Email or message me via twitter first

As mentioned above, I’m using my limited Skype credit to send sms thus please email me or send me a message via twitter first.  I will only reply to sms informing you to do this anyway.

Private or blocked phone numbers will never be answered

This is a common behaviour a lot of sex workers will do or if they do answer they will only accept your booking if you call from a phone number that is view-able.   I personally just never answer blocked or private phone numbers for my own personal reasons.

All of this will explain why:

  • I will not reply to multiple sms messages (email me or message me via twitter please as I asked – I will only send one sms message via Skype to your phone number informing you to email me I won’t reply to further sms messages after that point)
  • I will not answer your private or blocked phone number so don’t keep ringing hoping I will – I won’t


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Until further notice, I am only offering incall services (Gold Coast location)


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