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Private Dancer

So. Yeah. I know.  It’s been quite awhile since I’ve posted a blog…..   hope you missed me 🙂

To be honest, you can thank my lack of at home internet as the issue.  It’s kinda hard to update a blog of a sexual nature discretely when at a public library …. hahaha

Especially with the red colour of my website … ooooh yeah…  😛

None the less, I’ve been around still and doing the odd service here and there.  Everywhere on my website I’m up-front with the fact that I do NOT do this work full time and thus my availability is determined by one person:  me.  Not you.

The reason I say this is because it is of huge benefit to you (the punter) to subscribe and stay subscribed to my email mailing list as this is now the first place (and sometimes only place) I will post my availability ….. even at short notice 😉

You COULD try to see if I’m available when YOU want me available yet there is a 99% chance I won’t be due to the fact I have a life full of hobbies and misadventures as well as other businesses that keep me busy.

Or I could just be … y’know… relaxing 🙂 enjoying some down-time to keep my sanity.

Anywho… 😛  I wanted to write about how I have been supremely enjoying the fact that I’ve decided to specialise in a cheaper non sexual service … well… there is always a sexual element however in this case it is just a blow job.

One of these days I’ll get around to buying some sex toys so as I can incorporate them into my shows however for now (as it has been for my life) I enjoy fingering myself and rubbing my clit with my hand.  Um… even now just writing about it … is making me thinking about doing.. and I just may after I publish this blog *big cheeky grin*

I also love the absolutely sensual aspect of what I offer. I’ve always been big on sensuality over sex.  The body on body contact. Your hands on my body. My hands on your body. All that jazz…

Unfortunately, tho’ due to being a cheaper (or my cheapest) service it is predominately only a Gold Coast (outcall) service.

Eventually I’ll re-offer incall however as my living situation makes this nearly impossible on a regular basis … you’ll just have to be on my mailing list to be kept informed as to when I can be offering very limited incall services.

Thus this sex worker actually has not had sex even in her work life for quite some time…   and I’m perfectly okay with it. 🙂

Tho’ …. whilst saying that… it will be interesting whom will be my next booking that will break this no sex draught in my work life.

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