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Can Great Sex Transform Your Life ? [ Eyal Matsliah ]

Source:  Intimate Power by Eyal Matsliah

Are you facing any challenges with your sex life?

How is it affecting other aspects of your life?

I often hear clients say “my life is great; I only have a problem with my sexuality”.
After a short chat we usually uncover that they aren’t really where they want to be in many areas of their life, and that actually their sexuality has a lot to do with it.

Sexuality isn’t something that is independent and separate from the rest of your life. It’s not something you can put in a box, or up on a shelf, or hidden in a closet, and just forget about it.
It’s not a separate aspect of your life but rather an integral part which is connected to all other parts.

Your sex life, your connection to your body and to your masculine/feminine energies, how open and expressive you are sexually, and how orgasmic you are, affects your entire life – your relationship, studies, career, health, joy, creativity and spiritual practice.

Imagine you could easily experience strong, deep, long and meaningful orgasms, by yourself and with a partner.

Imagine your sex life wasn’t just better, but AMAZING!
How would that affect your life?
If you are orgasmic now, imagine if you didn’t orgasm at all, didn’t enjoy sex, and didn’t have a sex life – How would that affect your life? How would it feel to lose your orgasmic experiences and your ecstatic love making?

Let’s assume that you have some challenges with experiencing deep meaningful orgasms by yourself or with another, or that you have some discomfort and inhibition about sex.

How does that affect various aspects of your life?


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