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Unconventional Female Orgasm Secrets That Actually WORK [ Eyal Matsliah ]

Source:  Intimate Power – Eyal Matsliah

This is what you can do in order to orgasm for the first time or to have stronger, deeper and *much* longer orgasms:

  • Masturbate daily
  • Internal stimulation
  • Go beyond the clit
  • Deep belly breath
  • Continuous sounds
  • Hip movements
  • Try NOT to orgasm
  • Pleasure is orgasm – See every moment or expression of pleasure – heat, tingling, pulsation, sensation, goosebumps etc – as a mini orgasm, as an orgasmic expression, and learn to appreciate and celebrate that.
  • Sweat it
  • Relax
  • Surrender

Notice that you can do most of the above by yourself, without needing a partner. This is my approach to sexual education and generally to personal development – It’s all about you. Start with yourself, do what you can, don’t expect others to save you.

However, you can also ask for help through receiving Tantric body work and vaginal massage ( click here for my service for women )

Experiment with some of these techniques and approaches for a month, and let me know about your progress.

This is still just the tip of the iceberg.


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