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What does non-ejaculation mean for men (and why it is encouraged) ? ( Magda Kwiatkowska )

Author: Magda Kwiatkowska

The whole concept of non ejaculating DOES NOT MEAN:

1) no orgasms

2) forceful retention (and blue balls as a result)


What does non-ejaculation mean for men (and why it is encouraged) ? 

1. Most men are used to ejaculatory orgasms. Very intense and short. But orgasm and ejaculation are not the same; they follow each other.
2. Non ejaculating means going from EXPLOSIVE ORGASMS to IMPLOSIVE ORGASMS. Instead of letting the sexual energy out with sperm, you keep moving it up the body. Tantra and Tao use slightly different practices, but in both our goal is to spread the energy thru the body.
3. The more you practice, the more your body will be open to move the energy (this takes time). And this is when you get to enjoy FULL BODY ORGASMS, and MULTIPLE ORGASMS. In fact, you’ll be able to make love for an hour and be in an orgasmic state all this time
3. You don’t ejaculate by SUBLIMING THE ENRGY UP, and NOT by forcefully retaining sperm in. If you do the latter, you won’t be experiencing orgasms, and it may cause physical pain (BLUE BALLS)

It is best if you can have a professional Tantrika initiate you (I personally am located Gold Coast and know of others across Australia and the world – get in contact with me)

Why? Because your brain needs to create new neuropaths and you body needs to learn to move energy in a new way.

And sexual energy is hard to control (which I’m sure you know from experience ;D )

But, if that’s not available…

Here is how to so do with yourself (solitary) … 

#1 Start with solo practice – MASTURBATE. When you feel arousal building up, move energy up. Move it to your heart, and if you can even higher (your third eye or top of the head).
Imagine moving it up with the inhale. You can also visualize the energy moving up your spine (it’s similar to EDGING, but what we do differently here is moving the energy up)
#2 Uddiyana Bandha. You can do this one even during lovemaking just smaller movements.

#3 During love making, focus strongly on your 3rd eye (it helps to roll your eyes). Just tell your partner what you’re doing cause it may look creepy 🙂
#4 If you’re with a partner and you’re getting too close, just pause. Take a moment to breathe. You can separate from your partner, do some Uddiyana bandhas, or go upside down (headstand is perfect here).

If you choose to explore this whole new way of lovemaking, just know it’s a process. You don’t become an athlete overnight.

It may take 3-6 months to master non-ejaculation and full body orgasms (or 1 month, we are all different). It is easier and faster with a Tantrika who can guide it. But already these solo practices will help you. It is a vast topic with many layers, but damn worth it.

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