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What IS Tantra and What Are Its Benefits ?

The ancient Hindu or Buddhist practice dates back something like 5,000 + years and combines mantras, meditation, yoga and ritual with the aim to prolong lovemaking and find deeper connections and tenderness with not just your lover, but with yourself and in all of your relationships.

It can take years to fully comprehend and often involves dedicating time (years!) in order to unravel its intricacies by studying sexual energy and how it can be applied to achieve a higher level of consciousness.

By not denying and accepting natural human desires, it can result in a positive and life changing experience, with benefits that extend far beyond the bedroom. And it’s not just for couples. Anyone wanting to live a more fully integrated life that encompasses their career, their family, and of course their sexuality can benefit.

The intimate nature of how tantra is taught means that often sessions take place in private one on one lessons between a client and practitioner either once off or over a long period of time, often months or even years.

Quality Tantra practitioners (like myself) teach their clients that they need to do the work themselves and that the Tantra practitioner is merely there to facilitate the client’s individual tantra journey.

A SPECIAL NOTE TO PARTNERS OF MY CLIENTS:  You are welcome to give me a call to ask questions and get a feel for who I am and what it is I am offering 🙂   I also encourage my clients to share my details with your partner so that you can have even more support for you in your everyday life beyond my session.

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