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Can I Touch You ?

Originally published within The Bewitchful Connection November 20 2017.  Published with permission.

I had a client today – his first ever session of this kind. That in and of itself isn’t highly unusual as I tend to attract men who are at the start of their new journey with themselves for my male tantra massage sessions.

This question popped up for him right at the moment when I was near the end of doing the lingam massage (as part of the whole massage) … my response ?

“This is all about you – relax and enjoy me honouring your body and sexuality”

This question pops up a *lot* during my sessions with men and (after speaking with many men) I now understand why:


Once I allow any man in this vital part of the massage where they’ve been brought to their pleasure edge (and I’m about to move that energy throughout their body and then ground them) to focus on me .. the focus is no longer on them .. and that destroys the whole point of this session:

To have the focus on the client and to give him a judgement-free shame-free place to be in full receptivity.

What else was interesting for him:

– he experienced different touch given around his lingam, scrotum and anus that now he knows what he can even tell any potential partner he likes (even if she’s giving him a “blow job”)

– he also didn’t know if he had ‘cum’ (ejaculated) or not since I had placed a blindfold on his eyes (when he was lying on his back to assist him to divert his senses to his body as well as to block out the light in the room)

I also discussed the concepts of “giving whilst taking” (in other words, how to give whilst receiving and thus never ever feel depleted giving ever again) and the different types of orgasms (and how) for men.

Published in Lady Vee : BeWitchFul Confidence