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Conscious Degradation

As you’re aware, instead of doing a “Shadow Tantra” ( ) workshop I’m endeavouring to use my own knowledge about Tantra, The Wheel of Consent and other concepts to play into my taboos, edges and delve deep into my shadow aspects … to understand them and release them.

Last night my Master visited … and we agreed no rope play this time around… we’ll let “Lil” (my wild animalistic submissive) out to play another day….

He’s my safe space for this type of ‘conscious kink’ exploration .. as with all this type of exploration communication is *KEY* !


I love this explanation from another female on reddit:

” I like feeling like I’m being used. I feel like I’m being desired so much that I made the man I’m with turn animalistic. I think it’s the same reason so many women have rape fantasies; in general, we like the idea of being wanted so much that a man loses control. I’ve just taken it from fantasy to real life.

Also, when it gets really rough, a kind of ego death occurs. It’s hard to explain, but at that moment the only thing I am is a sex object. Which, in a way, sounds terrible. But I’m not worried about whether or not I put the laundry in the dryer. I’m not worried about what my body looks like or if my hair is messed up or whatever. And that makes sex so much more enjoyable. “

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