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Diary Of A Tantrika

Originally posted within The Bewitchful Connection November 30 2017.  Shared with permission.

One of the most bewitchful aspects of my life is my ongoing ability to assist men and women to start and/or continue their sacred/conscious sexuality and tantra journey.

Today I had a returning client.

His first session with me in my Tantra room however his second session overall. It has only been recently in the last few months where I have put together a “foundation” session for all my male tantra revitalising erotic massage clients (they all receive this session before subsequent sessions are customised).

This client visited me back when I was still quite “fresh” in my journey so he could only remember the massage and one other aspect of my session with him.

In my opinion, it’s good that he had that break between sessions as it allowed me to mix up a bit of my foundation session whilst throwing something new into the mix (that I felt intuitively pulled to add).

Also my vague message of asking him “strawberry vs blueberry” had him intrigued.

Before the session officially starts I always have a short conversation with my clients .. this is a good time for me to allow them to relax into everything.

It’s from this conversation I learned many good insights which confirmed that the experience I had put together for his session today was going to be divine (for him).

We explored one big concept for him:


And when he was able to “give” I ensured we had strong boundaries put in place so he wouldn’t play out his “usual” role of giver.

It’s because his wife and himself had fallen into a habit that he was finding hard to break as he was the only one wanting to break it.

He expressed his disappointment that he tried out some of what I taught him to do with his wife … however it didn’t last as she would go “that’s too hard” and want to just return to their “normal routine”.

Thus he chose to seek out my service again to be (what I refer to as) soulfully selfish. This soulful selfishness allows him to have a safe space to grow into being a “better” man (and thus this has ripple effects naturally).

This might trigger some people that he could be “cheating” due to how I do work with tantric touch of ALL the body (including his cock-lingam). I beg to differ. I see my role as a unique style of therapy – great for body, mind and soul.

None the less, it was exactly what he required.

His journey (if he continues with me) is going to be one where he re-wires his mind (and thus body) to be in complete surrender and receptivity of what I give to him …….. AND THAT IS OKAY 🙌❤️

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