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How do you use your sexual energy for your creative/life force energy?

Originally published on Facebook Dec 21 2007

I had been doing a lot since April (2017) however I didn’t have a clear concise answer and experience to share to answer this question…. UNTIL TODAY 😍

It first started with some conscious self pleasure/touch (outside my genitals – touching the rest of my body) before I moved onto womb pulsing on myself .. and THIS .. damn it was potent “fuck me now” energy ! 🔥🔥

At one point where I had built it up – I concentrated on an intention I wanted to set (and manifest) for today / tomorrow: in-person clients for my sexuality services.

I’m careful with how I set these intentions as it is always in the wording … 😉

Then I allowed myself to ‘peak’ … and then relax. 😘

It was in that relaxed state after my peak .. whilst allowing myself that glorious sensual after-feeling … whilst allowing myself to “be” … to enjoy that bliss-state … I also got inspired ! 💥

I took a photo of me naked on a very luxurious bed (red being the predominant colour) … and posted about choice and my next journey into womb work / mysteries (whilst still delving into conscious/tantra BDSM) …

… and did I manifest those clients ?

All the yes.

I actually had two clients vying for the same time today .. and other clients wanting me today however unfortunately I only had the space for one in-person client (due to other commitments).

It amazed me how many inquiries I received all of a sudden .. wowzers !!! 😱💥

When I did the self pleasure … it was only right at the end when I penetrated my pussy-yoni with my fingers … and even then I only BARELY penetrated myself (and no movement just the act of penetration itself) … I had my peak experience before having my bliss-state after.

side note: I always do double-consent on myself when wanting to penetrate my pussy-yoni: “Do you consent for me to penetrate?” “Do you invite me to penetrate?” as sometimes she consents however doesn’t invite. It’s only when it’s a HELL YES invitation I penetrate myself (usually with my fingers).

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