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Tantra Master Lover Experience ( For Men + Women)

Tantra is a practice of being more present, and deepening your connection with your partner and yourself.

Thus achieving the big “O” is not the main objective of each session (yet a beautiful “side effect”). Instead, a leisurely, slow build helps men control longevity and piques women’s arousal. The longer you linger in this process of building energy, the longer your session will last and the more energy you will build. As in meditation, when your thoughts wander, gently guide your attention back to the magic of the moment at hand.

After each experience you’ll end up finding sex more playful, more curious, and more energizing!


Full Program $2000  (4 x 2 hr sessions)


$800 for one off session of up to 4 hours 

  •   Full Program
      Once Off Experience

Due to the sexual nature of this service with Queensland laws you will need to fill out the above booking request for us to have a conversation.