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Tantric Secret Desires Experience

I use a lot of Tantric erotic techniques which is in my opinion the ultimate sensual experience – the ultimate gift to yourself. It’s an exquisite erotically sensual hands on relaxing experience which originates in India; Tantra is at least 7000 or more years old, pre-dating and influencing both Hinduism and Buddhism.

Any time spent with me is never be rushed, as it is important for us to build a connection first filled with interesting conversations before the all pleasurable moments of passion, deep intimacy and ecstasy unfold. So I am not after a quick moment, but rather meaningful moments, which a man wanting to explore his natural erotic nature deserves to experience and will remember for eternity.

After each experience you’ll end up finding your sex life more playful, curious, and energizing!


Full Program $2000  (4 x 2 hr sessions)


Individual Sessions

$500 for 2 hours

$650 for 3 hours

$800 for 4 hours 

  •   Full Program
      2 Hours - $500
      3 Hours - $650
      4 Hours - $800

Due to the sexual nature of this service with Queensland laws you will need to fill out the above booking request for us to have a conversation.