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Her Orgasm (Program For Men)

This is the Sex Education every woman wishes was taught on understanding a woman’s sexuality, pleasure and of course, her orgasm(s)!

Over 70 different types of them… yes… really that’s how many orgasms have been discovered so far, but we are taught very little about what is available for us to experience!

However, a woman’s sexual pleasure is not actually about how many types of orgasms she can have, it’s about her being able to be present, to fully let go and surrender to pleasure and when her lover knows how to support her to do this, this is when she will open up her whole body to intense waves of pleasure as she becomes truly multi-orgasmic!

In this program I will be teaching you all the essential things that you need to know about women’s pleasure and the main types of orgasms she can experience and how to help her to have these through special practices and guided techniques.

The intention is for you to walk out feeling confident both in and out of the bedroom, knowing you can give a woman an incredible intimate and multi-orgasmic experience.

This is the sex education no one has ever taught you, but everything that you need to know!  You will literally know more about orgasm and sex than 99.9% of people on the planet when you do this course!

We will explore …

  • Understanding her arousal and the importance of foreplay to truly awaken her body for more pleasure.
  • Creating more intimacy and connection both in and out of the bedroom.
  • How to hold space for her so she feels safe to fully open up to you sexually and emotionally.
  • Understanding different orgasm types including full body orgasm and g-spot orgasm and how to help her to access and surrender to these orgasms
  • Shifting out of friction-based sex and into surrendered sexual expression where you can both have the most intense pleasure and orgasmic experiences of your life
  • Tantric Breathwork practices that will help you both reach full body orgasmic states
  • The Women’s Genital Anatomy – what bits are where and how they feel for her when you touch and explore them.
  • Understanding her vagina numbness and pain spots and how you can de-armour her with your hands and penis to release numbness and pain and access the pleasure underneath
  • How you can be her hero in the bedroom… and get her craving you and coming back for more and more…
  • Understanding what women truly desire in love and sex and how to get her to actually tell you what she truly wants and be able to fulfill her needs and make her truly happy!


  • TRAINING VIDEOS of Breast Massage, Yoni Massage and G-Spot Massage plus a bonus lingam massage video (I like to make sure you receive some loving too)!
  • Access to a Private Facebook Group for ongoing sharing and support.


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      Outcall (I Visit Me)
  • TRAVEL FEES APPLY FOR ALL OUTCALL SERVICES at a rate of $2 per minute travel time from my home location (Molendinar)

This is done as a program of 4 (in person) sessions or 1 Day VIP Intensive for an investment of $2,200

Not available as once off sessions.