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Introduction To Tantra Experience – Online

Curious ? Wondering ? Keen to find out more ?

An “introduction experience” is a great way to explore what work might be possible together.   Using Zoom (on your PC, Mac, Linux, iOS or Android) we can connect, talk and feel into the possibilities, your journey and how time spent together might be helpful for you.

You’ll also briefly learn tantric breathwork as well as various other tantra practices and techniques depending upon what you desire and require.

In Tantra, each exhale is a releasing of old thoughts, negative emotions and each inhale brings us life. Tantra breathwork helps us become aware of our senses, what we are feeling, any movement of our body and breath. Our bodies are a channel for the flow of life energy within us. Becoming sensitive to that flow inside ourselves and in others is the beginning of the Tantra Journey. Through guided breathwork techniques you can unblock years of stale emotional energy that may have caused you to keep repeating damaging patterns.. Once you are able to move this energy out, to free this energy up, you can then begin to experience more of the orgasmic connectedness that is your natural state. Tantric breathing and the energy of bliss is truly our natural way of being.



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