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Session Agreement

I want to take a moment to thank YOU for choosing to take this step to explore your sexuality in this way.

I admire your willingness to allow me to honour you and to really trust me in that….

You will receive a text message and/or email from me shortly – please reply to it asap. 

As I want to custom tailor the service to what you specifically require we will need to have a required conversation prior to me providing any of my intimate body-work services…

Once we’ve secured a day and time for a session, I have a few tips that will ensure you receive the best experience during our time together:

  • Before the session it is advisable to have an empty stomach and to abstain from drinking coffee, any energy drinks, or using alcohol or tobacco products an hour beforehand.


  • The space is a judgement and shame free zone where you are allowed to be you and surrender to pleasure.  Only with consent will I will only share vague details of sessions never your name or any other distinguishing details.  Discretion is assured to ensure the sanctity of the space.


  • During the session, please abide by all boundaries laid out at the start of the session by me.  Please always ask for my consent to touch any part of my body unless (obviously) I have stated otherwise and given consent.


click here for more tips on how to get the most out of your experience with me


  • Tips and gifts are always welcome and appreciated tho’ not expected !   I repeat: I’m happy to provide the service and do not expect anything more than you being present during the session and surrendering to the journey.

xox Priestess Vanessa