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Evoke Your Bewitchful Self Session For Women

Do you feel like there’s never any time left for you, or that your sexual side has been neglected lately ?

Maybe you’ve been emotionally scarred by a negative sexual experience, physically affected by a medical condition or impacted by the stress of childbirth ?

Whatever the reason, during this Evoke Your Bewitchful Self Session For Women  the focus is on reconnecting you with the feminine divine, helping you to come back to your body and feel whole once more.

This service focuses on your whole body and embraces every part of your authentic sexuality – so yoni massage is also included only if I feel you are ready for it (though this is beyond ‘yoni massage’) . Yoni is a Sanskrit work meaning “source of life” and it is also the name given to a woman’s genital area (aka “pussy”, “vagina”, “vajayjay”, etc).

We begin clothed and undressing you whilst allowing you to experience intimate tantric touch.  When you’re ready (and naked), I begin by sensually massaging the whole body (your back first and then your front including your breasts) using feathers and coconut oil, before focusing attention on the yoni (if warranted). (I use a mixture of coconut oil and Yoni Elixir for all Yoni massages.) You will be guided to sink into the breath, sound, movement and touch while I use a variety of different strokes and techniques to help create different sensations. This allows for an amazingly intense and deeply sensual experience.

This is an initiation into the core of your femininity, sexuality and unique essence. For some women this  experience with this amount of presence and awareness can guide them to embrace their feminine essence and shine as the woman they are thus transforming their life.

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  • TRAVEL FEES APPLY FOR ALL OUTCALL SERVICES at a rate of $2 per minute travel time from my home location (Molendinar)


This is done as a program of 5 (in person) sessions for an investment of $3000

Not available as once off sessions